måndag 30 augusti 2010

10 reasons why they should make a Monkey Island movie

Everybody loves monkey island. Why is this?
Because its a game that has EVERYTHING.

The humour is wonderful, the puzzles very thought through and the items in your arsenal are truly remarkable.
The items you use range from a handdrawn map to not lose your way in the woods, to a squeaky rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle!

So why should they make a movie? Here's TEN reasons for you:

1: First and foremost, the humour is out of this world.
2: Insult swordfighting in action would be awesome!
3: Would love to see Guybrush Threepwood stuff loads of things down his pants!
4: Elaine is probably SMOKING.
5: The cannibals are awesome!
6: Guybrush holds his breath for ten minutes.
7: The fight with LeChuck!
8: Imagine the voicecast of the games.. on screen!
9: LeChucks goons!
10: Its Monkey Island for crying out loud!

By the way, there is a play based on monkey island here:

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  1. I LOVED the recent Monkey Island game. A movie would be a must-watch for me